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Snack Cabinet

The Snack Cabinet is designed to join with the ideal vendor™ to sell 16 of the most in demand healthy and traditional snack items as well as popular convenience items.

Optional coin and bill acceptors can be added to expand the capabilities of both the Snack Cabinet and the ideal vendor™.

Wall Mountable

Designed to go places where cold drink vendors have never gone before. Wall Mounting is simple & secure with the templates and security screws provided.


The ideal vendor™ Cold Drink Dispenser can be transported in the back seat of just about any car.


The ideal vendor™ is connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For one low monthly fee ($14.99) plus the 5.95% transaction fee, your funds are processed, deposited directly to your bank account and best off all, you have remote access to your dispenser’s sales data and inventory levels via your mobile device. The ideal vendor™ is also DEX compatible, meaning it can connect to and work with any vending industry standard software or hardware.


All parts on the ideal vendor™ Cold Drink Dispenser are simple to remove with nothing more than a screwdriver. Our Exclusive FrigiDeck™ refrigeration system can be removed as one stand-alone unit, in less than 15 seconds.


Patented magnetic “Art Panel”

Located on the front is easily removable to suit any type of business.


You can order a stock or customized panel to match that specific location.


The look of the ideal vendor™ can be as diverse as the locations that you service.

Cashless Payment Solution

Manage your ideal vendor™ route smarter and more efficiently. Nayax vending software will help you manage your business from afar by using our telemetry solution, meaning that you don’t have to be onsite to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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